FORMALLY... Country Critters Rescue Corral

April 2019

Dear CCRC family and friends!

Throughout the years of rescuing, rehabilitating, rehoming and working with so many abandoned and abused animals, we have come to know, love and appreciate each of you so very much! It has been an exciting journey of making new friends and family to support the welfare of abused animals.

Due to health challenges and ages, Jo and Johnny Cope are retiring from their status of Executive Director and Assistant Director of Country Critters Rescue Corral. This, however, is the beginning of a new and exciting time for the animals who depend on all of us for their care!

There is a new name and new faces to continue the mission began by CCRC. The new name is: Farm Animal Rescue & Mentoring, (FARM)! And the new faces are Susan Trenary and Tim Etringer!

These two awesome people are excited and passionate and bring a breath of fresh air into the mission for the rescue and rehabilitation of abused animals.

FARM will continue the CCRC 501 (c)(3) non profit status, which qualifies your donation as tax deductible. We are looking forward to many more years of animal rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, sponsorships, making new friends and continuing our wonderful relationship
with our present friends.

Please join with Jo and Johnny to fully support Susan and Tim as they continue forward with the most rewarding mission to save animals from abuse and neglect!