The philosophy of Farm Animal Rescue & Mentoring (FARM) believes as an animal rescue and sanctuary, we believe, perform and exhibit the best of care for the animals we are responsible for, such as appropriate feed, water, shelter and medical needs. We also believe and provide for emotional health as well as physical health. Any animals come to sanctuaries/rescues from traumatic circumstances, and need time to heal and rehabilitate, emotionally as well as physically.

We believe in the best of care for ALL animals, not just a chosen few. ALL animals deserve protection from abuse, torture, abandonment and neglect. We believe in persuading governing bodies to work towards better ordinances, laws, and codes to protect ALL animals. We believe in educating the public in the horrors of slaughter, the torture of animals used in science experiments, and the abuse of animals being used for entertainment. We believe in exercising many avenues available to stop the suffering of ALL animals.

We believe in the rehabilitation and rehoming of socialized pets to loving Forever Homes. We believe that loving humans and socialized pets can be a positive and healthy relationship. We believe in and promote the use of sterilization for population control of prolific animals.

We believe that the last gift we can give the animals, when there is no medical options available and no more hope for a healthy life, the gift of gentle euthanasia; the gift of freedom from the pain and suffering.

Susan Trenary
Executive Director/President